Why Holochain?

Because the world needs an upgrade.

Holochain helps by creating an alternative to the dominant centralized systems of the Internet, protecting our ability to make our own choices, and giving trustworthy information we can act on. We call this 'digital agency', and we believe it will give us the power to face today's complex problems, together.

Two people shown within the grip of big business building with arms
Right now people are suffering from a lack of agency. We all want the power to make the choices that work best for ourselves and the people and things we care about. But often that power is taken away from us, either by adversaries or the entities that promise to protect us.
Internet centralising power to tech giant in the middle of the circle
The Internet makes this problem worse, putting power in the hands of fewer and larger organizations that don’t answer to the public. This is a threat to individual, social, and planetary health.
Utopia of people with all benefit and no responsibility on net
We might think the best solution would be to decentralize everything. Put as much power as possible back into the hands of each individual. Everybody can make decisions for themselves and be happy.
Unhappy users on a network: big tech connected us and gave us value but created a lot of problems.
But it doesn’t work out that way. Those big organizations, for better or for worse, kept us safe in ways that we took for granted. When we can’t tell signal from noise, decentralization is as dangerous as the problems it tries to solve.
Freedom and responsibility using a distribute Holochain DHT
It turns out that what we need is not just freedom, but freedom and responsibility in balance. Holochain preserves our freedom to connect with each other, while keeping us safe through peer accountability and shared rules.

Who is Holochain for

Everyone. Holochain is made for building the everyday networked applications that power our lives and the invisible infrastructure around us.
woman with hat icon indicating smart thinking

Holochain is smart for:

Collaboration: knowledge bases, project management, group decision-making

Communication: social media, chat, publishing

Economy: supply chain, currencies, marketplaces

Edge computing: internet of things, sensor networks, smart microgrids

Redundant storage: content delivery, cloud backup, archiving

Network-optional: disaster response, underconnected geography, local-first

Privacy-first: medical records, secure messaging, digital identity, private communities

Community-run: infrastructure for organizations with tight budgets and low IT experience

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