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If you are interested in writing for the Holochain blog, please submit a brief proposal with the form below. We seek guest posts from projects, thinkers, builders, and dreamers from across our ecosystem. Whether you want to share a dev centric post about a particular tool or workflow you have developed, or a thought piece about how you envision using Holochain, we want to hear from you. Together, we look forward to sharing Holochain.

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We’re excited to read your submission. If you are selected to write for the blog, our team will be in touch with next steps.

Guiding Principles for Working Together

We’ve shared these principles to introduce you to our way of working so that our collaboration can be useful to others, aligned with our vision, efficient in delivery — and hopefully fun!

  1. Goals

    1. Expand multiple audiences’ insights and best practices around developing and using Holochain applications in their world.
    2. Support guest authors in promoting, developing, and sharing their ideas, projects, and/or research related to Holochain.
  2. Depth of Inquiry

    1. The Holochain Foundation seeks to improve the coordination and collaboration of and between humans, human creations, and the biosphere — whether through technical developments or through our blog.
    2. We prioritize generative action, recognizing that to be useful it requires deep inquiry, creativity, and attunement to patterns of flow.
  3. Mutual Sovereignty

    1. We organize around keeping our promises, both as a group to the world, and as individuals to each other.
    2. We start from the assumption that all of us are operating in good faith and with a degree of intellectual humility.
    3. We see ourselves in interdependent relationships with our guest authors and value an ethic of resilience and care.
    4. We recognize the tension between the individual and the group, seeking constant dialogue around those evolving relationships.
    5. Communicate your needs; “tap in, tap out.”
  4. Membranes

    1. We create contexts and containers that help us hold the tensions and contradictions of complexity, allowing us to simplify the act of collaboration. We call these contexts membranes and recognize that they have fluid boundaries which balance inclusion and exclusion.
    2. We hold inclusivity as a core principle because we assume difference is generally good and necessary.
    3. Guest authors speak with the voice of the whole foundation, and thus we maintain a firm membrane on how that voice can be used.
    4. No bigotry, racism, sexism, transphobia, or other hate speech will be tolerated.
    5. We endeavor for all work published with us to maintain a particular level of quality and accuracy.
    6. The Style Guide* is a guideline for this quality control along with the personal/collective judgments of our editorial team.
    7. The Holochain Foundation reserves the right to halt work with any partner and to either remove or contextualize any published work.

*A public version of The Holochain Style Guide is currently a WIP — an internal beta version of the doc is available upon request.

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