Holochain Roadmap

Holochain 0.0.100-alpha.1

First official release of a refactored Holochain, focusing on performance and correctness and incorporating feedback from hApp developers.


Multi-party coordination of source chain writes, enabling transactional interactions.

Sharded Gossip MVP

First iteration of sharded peer-to-peer data storage that balances load across many agents, allowing an application's network to scale infinitely.

Launcher and Scaffolding

Tools for developers and end-users to make Holochain easier to work with.

Expansion of HDK Feature Set

More tools for hApp developers, including introspection, logging, tracing, system time, random number generation, scheduling, and post-commit hooks.

Stable Sharded Gossip

Sharded gossip that is performant, resilient and that works well at any scale. This will allow all peers to quickly come to consistency regardless of the number of peers in a DHT.

Holochain Integrity Zomes

The core modules of Holochain, which are zomes, have been split into integrity zomes and coordinator zomes. This allows for updating of apps without needing to 'fork' and disrupt user experiences.

Opening & Closing Chains for App Updates

The Holochain Developer Kit (HDK) supports creating both opening and closing source chain entries which mark the beginning and end of an agent’s participation in a network and point to their new presence in another network.

Clonable DNAs in hApps

The ability to spawn a new DNA hash from a template DNA packaged in a hApp at any point AFTER installation

Holochain Resource Locators

There is a clear and universal format for storing references between distributed hash tables (DHTs), to and from private data on user chains, any type of DHT hash (including headers), and external resources.

HDK 0.1.0 - Stable for Coding & Validation

A mature version of the Holochain Developer Kit (HDK) is released, considered stable and is well-documented.

Holochain 0.1.0-beta-rc (Release Candidate)

Full featured Holochain release candidate for devs to test prior to beta release.

Holochain Beta Release (v0.1.0)

A stable, full featured version of Holochain for hApp development.

Security Hardening

Incorporates advanced network security protocols and addresses known Holochain security vulnerabilities.

Immune System / Warranting

Peers on the DHT can create warrants for invalid data or bad network behavior, broadcast them, and respond to them by taking defensive action against dishonest peers.

Holochain Network Release

Introduces key features to enhance the security and reliability of the Holochain network. This includes advanced network security, warrants, user experience improvements that provide better network information, and improved system validation to make the network more secure and reliable.

Chain Head Coordination

The Chain Head Coordinator serves as the definitive reference for an agent's source chain within a specific network, ensuring that all local copies of the chain are in consensus before making modifications. This allows the replication of an agent's source chain while preserving a uniform state of synchronization.

Wasmer Upgrade

By upgrading Holochain to utilize the most recent version of Wasmer, it unlocks additional possibilities for the development of Holochain applications that can be compiled for mobile devices.

Workflow Resiliency & Integrity Audit

Workflow reliability tests are conducted to ensure determinism and guarantee data integrity. These tests verify that the workflows perform as expected, and in doing so, they uphold the trustworthiness of the data and the overall robustness of applications.

DeepKey Integration to Holochain

DeepKey would run as the first application installed on a Conductor, before other services, so that it can register and manage keys for any of those hApps or services. This key management system will be made available to all hApps as a Conductor Service.

Performance Testing

Evaluate Holochain's performance over time to identify regressions and understand the impact of new features on its performance, while also providing basic operational performance statistics for Holochain with each release.

Multi-Signal and Bootstrap Server Connection

We aim to enable conductors to establish connections with multiple signal and bootstrap servers concurrently.

Ephemeral Store

Data that is not intended for permanent addition to a chain or DHT has a temporary home.

Pub/Sub System

Event listener hierarchy to subscribe to notifications of particular DHT changes. Has an upstream dependency on the Ephemeral Store for tracking subscriptions.

Merkle Tree Entries

Ability to structure private entries as Merkle trees and selectively expose fields using Merkle proofs.

Large Scale Testing Framework

A new test framework to spin up 100K+ agents and orchestrate tests on them in “real world” scenarios that don’t assume they will all work and stay on-line.

Attack Factory

Compilation of known attacks or vulnerabilities. You can run your hApp through the Attack Factory to identify vulnerabilities in the hApp.

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