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Holochain Tools

Tools for Users

  • Holochain Launcher, a user-friendly way of running Holochain applications on your own machine. It comes bundled with an app store so you can download and launch applications from within Launcher. Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Tools for Developers

  • Holonix, a Nix-based environment for Linux and macOS-based developers. It overlays the correct set of commands and build dependencies for a given Holochain release on top of your existing shell environment.
  • hc, the standard Holochain Swiss-army-knife dev tool. It lets developers bundle hApp components and start hApps for testing.
  • DevHub, a package repository and GUI, built on Holochain, for distributing Holochain applications and remixing open-source components into new applications.
  • Holochain Playground, a simulator for networks of hApp users and their data. It can be connected to running hApp instances to monitor live data flow.
  • Tryorama, a JavaScript-based scenario testing framework for Holochain applications.
  • Sweettest, a Rust-based library that was written for testing Holochain but can also be used for integration- and unit-testing Holochain application back-ends.
  • hc-scaffold, a command-line tool for scaffolding Holochain application back-ends.
  • How, a Holochain application for converging on standards for interoperability among Holochain applications.



  • holochain-client-js, a library for building hApp clients in JavaScript.
  • holochain-client-rust, a library for building hApp clients in Rust.
  • Holo Web SDK, a library for connecting web-based UIs to applications hosted on the Holo hosting network.
  • Cell Client, a JavaScript library that allows developers to write one web-based UI for both locally- and Holo-hosted applications.
  • electron-holochain-template, a template for generated Electron-based apps with an integrated Holochain runtime, targeting all three major desktop OSes.
  • REA Playspace, a flow-based modelling tool for building economic coordination networks, meant to be used with the hREA toolkit (see below).


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