Upcoming Events

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    Holochain Hackathon — London

    When: September 29th – October 1st, 2023 (past)
    Location: London, UK
    Join our UK Holochain community for 2.5 days of hands-on Holochain learning in London, UK September more...
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    Online Holochain Dev Training

    When: Monday, October 2nd - Saturday, October 7th (past)
    Location: Online classroom
    Learn how to design, develop, and deploy Holochain apps in 4 days more...
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    Holochain hAppy Hour

    When: Thursday, October 5th 16:00 UTC
    Location: Zoom - link sent prior to event
    Join members of the Holochain team and other people to try a distributed Holochain application.
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    ZebuLive 2023

    When: October 5th & 6th
    Location: London
    Join Mary Camacho from Holochain and Josh Hardy with the Rain Protocol at Zebu Live where they will more...
  • 21

    DazzleCon 2023

    When: October 21st & 22nd
    Location: Washington D.C., USA
    Building the new economy together. Art Brock and Mary Camacho join Zebras Unite for 2 days of more...

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