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Build decentralized, scalable Holochain apps

Learn how to build applications with Holochain! Our latest online DevCamp had 1,500 applicants.


September 28 - November 11, 2021 + the Near Future

If you’re reading this before November 11th, our current session is at capacity. There will be many recordings, exercises, and access to community conversations after it ends in late November. Find the YouTube playlist. There will certainly be another DevCamp soon, but the dates haven’t yet been set yet.

There are also MANY great materials to learn how to build on Holochain at

Who is DevCamp for?

Developers. DevCamps focus on code so we particularly want to hear from developers who:

  • have decentralized app ideas and are looking for an appropriate platform & framework;
  • want to try Rust but don’t have an interesting project to use it in;
  • have been playing with blockchain, but realised its limitations;
  • want to learn about architecting and designing decentralized, scalable systems.

What will we be working on?

During DevCamp 8 we’re going to be building a multiplayer game: “Tragedy of the Holocommons”.

We brought every economist’s favorite game to life as a Holochain app! The heart of the game is a demonstration of consensus-seeking in an eventually consistent environment - a crucial part of building any decentralized application!

We also covered all the other essential building blocks of a Holochain application, with little adjustments to make it more fun and cool.

Tech stack:

  • Rust (backend)
  • Svelte & Lit (UI)

How does it work?

Each week we will host two live sessions that include live coding and Q&A. In these, we’ll cover:

  • Basics of Rust for Holochain development
  • Dev environment configuration
  • App architecture and data model
  • App building blocks
  • Holochain ecosystem overview/theory

All sessions will be recorded and posted. A dedicated Discord server and support calls will be set up for participants to connect across timezones.

Cost: Free

Remind me about the next DevCamp!

DevCamp8 team:

@e-nastasia @guillemcordoba @tixel @qubeo @lchang @nphias @alexoceann @sidsthalekar @petersgrandadventure @robot5x

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