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A framework for building distributed P2P apps

Each app is its own Holochain, and local circles of peers ensure data integrity without centralized authorities.

Holochain takes distributed apps beyond DeFi and NFTs to address coordination at scale with self-owned data and peer accountability.

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Why Holochain?

Because the world needs an upgrade

Holochain helps by creating an alternative to the dominant centralized systems of the Internet, protecting our ability to make our own choices, and giving trustworthy information we can act on. We call this 'digital agency', and we believe it will give us the power to face today's complex problems, together.

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Next Up for Holochain

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Holochain Beta Release (v0.2.0)

Introduces key features to enhance the security and reliability of the Holochain network. This includes advanced network security, warrants, user experience improvements that provide better network information, and improved system validation to make the network more secure and reliable.

Ephemeral Store

Data that is not intended for permanent addition to a chain or DHT has a temporary home.

Merkle Tree Entries

Ability to structure private entries as Merkle trees and selectively expose fields using Merkle proofs.

Large Scale Testing Framework

A new test framework to spin up 100K+ agents and orchestrate tests on them in “real world” scenarios that don’t assume they will all work and stay on-line.

Holochain Beta
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Lightweight, secure, versatile: made for everyday apps
Think BitTorrent + Git + Cryptographic Signatures

How it Works

Secure and resilient, without servers or blockchains.

You install an app, which signs and stores your data on your device.
You share your public data with a random set of peers.
Your peers validate the data against the app’s rules before storing it.
Invalid data triggers a network-wide security response.

App Devs

The community is the infrastructure. Scale with the popularity of your app.
Access other Holochain apps as if they were part of your codebase. No HTTP client, just function calls with optional access control.
Compute and data live at the edges, which means there’s no infrastructure for you to maintain and defend. Holochain automatically adapts to disruptions and threats.
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Blockchain Devs

You choose your own terms. Set privileges, governance policies, and consensus rules according to your needs.
Fast, cheap, and truly peer-to-peer compute and data. No processing fees or block confirmation wait times.
Iterate to perfect. Hard forks aren’t governance crises but opportunities to play a new game.
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Showcasing the Building Blocks of Holochain

Holochain is a chain like no other: simultaneously a validated onchain experience, and a fully distributed peer-to-peer application framework. This makes Holochain unique in the world of software and distributed networks. Here are a few building blocks that demonstrate what is possible.

Eric Harris-Braun demonstrates the 'We' application to David Atkinson
'We' is a meta-app or interface for creating groupware that is shareable, forkable, and fusible, giving new powers to self-governing groups. As agent-centric software, each user decides what groups and applets they opt into.
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Connor Turland demonstrates an inventory app built on hREA to David Atkinson and Arthur Brock
'hREA' is superpowered economic coordination for businesses, communities, and commons — and the networks between them. It is simple, modular, and composable for developers to build precisely for their groups' needs.
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Syn - Real Time Collaboration, a splash screen for a demo video
'Syn' is a pair of JavaScript and Holochain libraries that work together to demonstrate synchronous coordination with Holochain apps. This allows teams to collaborate with real-time editing during live sessions.
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What the Community is Saying

The Holochain ecosystem is a really fun and exciting place to explore the possibilities and impact of fully distributed, scalable, and peer-to-peer applications!

Tatsuya Sato | Japan CEO, Yumeville
Tatsuya - supporter from Japan, black and white photo

The best apps of the 21st century will be built on Holochain.

Jamie Klinger | Canada
Jamie, supporter from Canada, black and white photo

Holochain is providing the opportunity for people to generate, hold and own their own data so that they can do what they want with it, for the first time ever.

Kathryn Alexander | Australia Founder of Health Commons
Kathryn, supporter from Australia, black and white photo

Holochain enables collaborative, distributed apps that fit the needs of the communities they serve—without inserting any complicated consensus mechanisms or unnecessary coins to ensure integrity.

Alex Ocean | US
alex, supporter from the US, black and white photo

I thought "agent-centric tech" was just marketing. But I realised this shift is actually fundamental in moving towards a world where individual and collective autonomy are honoured.

pospi | Australia
pospi, supporter from Australia, black and white photo

Holochain is the vision holder for technology that is created to support core human values: agency, connection, and freedom.

Rūta Žemčugovaitė | Germany Humane Tech Advocate
Ruta, supporter from Germany, black and white photo

Holochain just feels right. Everything from the technical architecture, the approach to community, to the broader vision. It feels right and exciting to be playing with all of these wonderful humans.

Guillem Córdoba | Spain Holochain Architect & Community Member
Guillem, supporter from Spain, black and white photo

Holochain has a great collective of people who really want to see a paradigm shift to a more prosocial society and conscious peer-to-peer economic systems.

Thomas Cal | Western Europe Decentralized Community Driven Everything
Thomas, supporter from Europe, black and white photo

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